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Recording EVP's Without a Microphone

(idea and description provided by GhostBreakers)


I have adopted a theory of my own regarding EVP's. I still believe EVP's may be spirits but, that EVP's, are not physical sound but electronic impulses picked up by the recorder or tape directly, not by the microphone. Then transformed into sound. This idea has been tossed around in the area of strict EVP research for a couple years but not in the Ghost Hunting community.

In my research I have been lead to believe, that EVP's are the impulses made by the energy produced by an entity and not physical sounds emanating from the entity. So, under certain conditions, are picked up directly by a recorder. I believe in most cases the EVP's we are catching are bypassing the microphone and maybe microphones are even interfering with capturing EVP's because they pick up outside physical sounds, masking the EVP and we are missing more than capturing.

Now hear me out. Simply put, microphones pick up changes in air pressure. The sound waves are picked up by a microphone which converts them into electronic impulses. These impulses are amplified in the recorder. Then pass through the heads which give out a magnetic impulse and then recorded on the passing tape. Now, roughly speaking, a microphone is designed to pick up physical changes in air pressure and the sound waves are in a range closely comparable to the human ear.

This being the case, any EVP picked up by a microphone should be heard by everyone present when it was recorded. However, they almost never are????? If they are heard then they are physical sound and probably, even most likely not a spirit. Keeping in mind that EVP means Electronic Voice Phenomena not spirit voices.

Now, I am experimenting using a tape recorder with a disconnected microphone in conjunction with my regular & digital recording devices to see if there is a difference, or if one picks up more than the other, etc. (this is for those of you who are doing or want to do research and are recording their data. It is a little much for plain Ghost Hunting. Researchers know that you must use all methods available) So for me, this is the new next step in recording for EVP's and so far so good.

For those on a tight budget. They can easily disable a recorder microphone if they have an old one that they don't care about or get a cheap one on eBay. They can also just cover the microphone with "electrical tape" like I do. Just keep putting layer after layer over the microphone and test it. (see photo above) When they can no longer pick up their voice saying "testing, 1,2,3" then it is ready. This way too, they still have an undamaged recorder if they need it. Just remove the tape. However, for research purposes people should always use two next to each other when trying this method. This way they cover all bases and have comparisons.


Recording EVPs without a microphone     Recording EVPs without a microphone

For more information, please contact the GhostBreakers directly.


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