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The GhostBreakers Multi Camera Outfit

(idea and description provided by GhostBreakers)


My idea behind this set up is to be able to take 2 identical photos at the same exact time.

Ghost Breakers - Ghost Hunting Camera Outfit

The reason being is, that almost all anomalies that are captured like orbs and mist are being explained away as smoke, breath, dust, moisture, etc. I too believe this in most cases. Then I got to thinking about how I usually approach things. I believe just because it COULD be these things, doesn't necessarily mean they are these things!

Sort of like the guy that goes on an investigation and finds a loose pipe or squeaky floor board and attributes all the clients experiences to that. That just wasn't good enough for me. So I figured that if I could take 2 photos at the exact same time then, if it were dust particles, moisture, breath, etc. It will not show up on both photos exactly the same.

Example: A piece of dust can't be in front of both lenses at the same exact point. Your breath pattern will be different as it passes in front of both lenses. If there is a drop of moisture, it won't be on both lenses, and so on. BUT, if you do get 2 identical orbs, mist patterns, etc. Then it may be worth looking into. This is the set up. With an automatic shutter release with extension for the second camera.

Ghost Breakers - Ghost Hunting Camera Outfit

Ghost Breakers - Ghost Hunting Camera Outfit

The outfit was photographed on a tripod for ease. But it is meant for a monopod (because of the weight) so you can take photos as you go along.

Ghost Breakers - Ghost Hunting Camera Outfit

Here is an example of the photos that I get. Notice the orb in the left photo but not on the right. This is proof that it was dust or something only in front of the left camera. ad it been an entity it would have shown up in both photos looking the same.

Ghost Breakers - Ghost Hunting Camera Outfit

Also, how many times have you seen on TV or experienced yourself that there was something behind you. Like it was watching what you are doing. This outfit can be set so the cameras face in opposite directions so while you are taking a photo of what ever. You will also be taking one at the same time of what is behind you.

Ghost Breakers - Ghost Hunting Camera Outfit

Now these ideas may sound silly to some but I am confident in it's ability to do what I want.

I also have been promoting the idea a lot of places other and so far it has been received well. I also am using a 4 video camera rig that is for putting in the middle of a room with the cameras facing one in each direction. This way nothing can enter or go through the room with out being noticed. It also prevents anyone from tampering with the cameras because they can't get to them with out being picked up by at least one camera.

Well, I hope I have explained well enough. Please feel free to email with any questions and let me know if you decide it's worth mentioning on your site.

NOTE: The outfits shown (Above) are not for the budget conscious person or group. I plan to be doing this a long time and the equipment will pass down to my older sons. So it was worth the investment for me. However, for the bigger groups out there that collect dues. This might be something they would want to look into.

I also made inexpensive prototypes from 1" PVC & mini tripods. They will work just fine and only cost you a few dollars, a little time to put together, & people can use the cameras they have. Just a little more difficult to use.

Ghost Breakers - Ghost Hunting Camera Outfit  Ghost Breakers - Ghost Hunting Camera Outfit

For more information, please contact the GhostBreakers directly.


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