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American Association of Paranormal Investigators

Aurora, CO 80012

Contact Name Stephen
Phone 720-432-2746
Email Email
Website Website
Founder Stephen Weidner
Year Founded 2002
Number of Members 9
Areas Served 
Metro Denver (AAPI-DEN), Colorado Springs (AAPI-COS), Colorado area within 4 hours drive time. Also interact with affiliates in Wyoming, Montana, Nevada, Idaho and Utah.

Use both scientific and spiritualist methodologies. 1 - UFOlogy, 1- Cryptozoology, 3 -demonology, exorcism, cleansing, religious aspects of paranormal, 7 - Ghost Hunting (active & residual)- detection and determination, 2 - mediumship/intuition specializing in afterlife communication/intuitive training/remote sensing, 1-Tech-Chief

The American Association of Paranormal Investigators (AAPI) is a 501c3, non profit organization dedicated to the study of paranormal phenomena, incorporating modern technology, scientific theory and psychic ability. AAPI?s purpose is to study the paranormal, doing such research in the field as to bring understanding of realms outside existing parameters. The ultimate goal is the design and implementation of a scientific laboratory to assist field investigators to recreate paranormal activity, recording their findings and bringing forth scientific analysis.

The purpose of A A P I is to create a methodology of documentation and research analysis, uniform and in accordance with scientific method, which will allow the creation of guidelines for education and development of methods of uniform analysis and reporting of paranormal investigation procedures and research results. Our belief is that this methodology will provide uniform technical treatment of a wide range of paranormal phenomena, including but not limited to the analyzed data of field research and clinical laboratory recreation under controlled conditions, in such fields as Crypto Zoology, Ufology, Phenomena, Astrophysics, Poltergeist, Haunting, etc. Our objective is to offer our presented findings at no charge for scientific and educational purposes.

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