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Spiritual Paranormal & Anomalous Research Team Alliance

Perris, CA

Contact Name Jacob Kire
Email Email
Website Website
Founder Jacob Kire
Year Founded 2000
Number of Members 14
Areas Served 
SPARTA conducts specialized and discreet paranormal investigations all across the state of California, and on occasion in some areas of Nevada and the Southwest. Our coalition of investigators specializes in conducting residential, public, private, institutional, historical and business-site investigations with claims of purported paranormal activity.

Our approach in our research and investigation is also very distinct from that of other paranormal investigative groups. All group members implement the SPARTA Mentality:,,?To preserve a reverent mentality with regards to the afterlife and handle every investigation with humility and respect to both the living and the supernatural.? Also, in regards to spirits (or human soul) ? ?these entities are handled with the same approach we would use towards another human being ? with love, respect and understanding. It is this enlightened belief of the supernatural that directs our alliance to maintain a demeanor of reverence and great poise while conducting all investigations and research. We strive to help anyone involved, whether they are living or in spirit." ~ Jacob Kire, Founder, SPARTA

Highly-skilled SPARTA team members are trained to carry out every investigation in a well-organized and highly efficient manner. Every investigation is handled with professionalism, tactical precision, candid objectivity and with the appropriate level of skepticism.

SPARTA's primary objective is to provide sincere compassion, comfort and peace-of-mind to all affected parties involved in each of our cases. Our concerned team of investigators will pay deep attention to your concerns, experiences and/or claims of disturbances that you and your loved ones may be encountering.

Our alliance's principal methods of investigation are a combination of scientific and metaphysical. Initially, SPARTA team members will conduct an extensive investigation by using scientific equipment, innovative thinking and logical rationalization. We strive to effectively uncover and potentially explain the source(s) of these disturbances and other claims of purported paranormal activity.

Our team will then attempt to recreate, debunk and disprove any claims of paranormal activity. If plausible explanations cannot be reached for any claim, then our group will proceed by attempting to gather tangible, credible evidence for or against the paranormal by means of scientific methods, devices and related technology.

We will frequently employ a series of innovative, investigative experiments in an attempt to: disprove claims of paranormal activity; document and gather evidence of the paranormal; communicate to and interact with spirit, etc. Thorough research, including historical, topographical, geographical and environmental are also performed, as well as client and eye-witness interviews. When available, this supplementary experimentation and research yields invaluable and insightful information.

SPARTA also employs a metaphysical methodology on our investigations. Our team consists of more than a few experienced and trustworthy psychics, mediums, spiritualists and other metaphysical specialists. During an investigation, these group members utilize their unique intuitive abilities to receive any psychic impressions, additional information, clues or communication from spirit. Intuitive impressions have been proven to be extremely beneficial when the information received corresponds with scientific and recorded measurements. This information can significantly aid in proving or disproving the validity of a haunting or claims of paranormal activity.

By means of these scientific and metaphysical approaches, our alliance is able to achieve an in-depth, all-embracing and comprehensive investigation for our clients.

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