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Confidential Investigations

Carlisle, OH 45005

Contact Name Paul Johnston
Email Email
Twitter Twitter @askpaulanything
Year Founded 2003
Number of Members 3
Areas Served 
We serve Ohio, Indiana, KY, & WV. Can go further for certain types of cases.

We believe in "old-school" style of paranormal investigating. We do have electronic equipment but it's use is limited. Our team is somewhat unique. We do not give ourselves titles, we do not post what we found on a website, and we are very discreet. We do not wear shirts with our group name on it (we don't have one), have vehicles with a logo, and when we show up at your house you neighbors will only think you are having company. This keeps your private business private.

Our group consists of three people. Paul (husband/dad) who has been an active investigator since 2003 but lived with paranormal occurrences from a young age. Paul is a Christian ordained minister and has served in the ministry since the age of 7 when he helped his father in Children's church. Janet (Wife/Mom) is a Professional Clinical Counselor - Supervisor in the State of Ohio. She holds licences as a Clinical Counselor and a Drug Counselor both with the supervisor designation in Ohio. Having her own paranormal experiences is what got her interested in this field. Evan (Son - 14) has been investigating paranormal experiences since the age of 11 when the house we lived in was haunted. Most people start off slow and work their way up to the harder cases (or at least should) but Evan had no choice. Him and his three other siblings were thrust into a scary situation. Out of the four kids (he is second youngest) he is the only one that has an interest in investigations. Evan is knowledgeable in this field and is good with children. We look forward to assisting you.

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