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Pasadena Paranormal Society

Pasadena, MD

Contact Name Rick Przybylski
Email Email
Website Website
Facebook Facebook
Youtube Youtube
Year Founded 2008
Number of Members 12
Areas Served 
Maryland & surrounding states.

We are the Pasadena Paranormal Society located in Pasadena, Maryland. Although we all have different backgrounds and beliefs, our common goal is to find truth. We conduct paranormal investigations professionally and based on scientific facts. We look deep into a situation to find a logical explanation before we say that it is paranormal. Pasadena Paranormal Society was established with several goals in mind: 1. To investigate incidents of reported paranormal activity and gather as much evidence as possible using established scientific methods and equipment. 2. To carefully scrutinize evidence to alleviate normal causes for apparent paranormal events 3. To share potential evidence with the paranormal investigative community 4. To further the field of paranormal research, supporting or disproving current theories and developing new ideologies. 5. To raise the credibility of paranormal researchers by using analytical methods, conscientious evidence gathering, and unbiased evidence analysis instead of chasing ghosts. 6. But most importantly, to provide education and comfort to those affected by the paranormal. Everything we now know today as scientific fact was once unknown and frightening. Paranormal events are merely episodes which have yet to be explained. We seek answers to questions that remain to be asked.

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