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Fox Valley, WI

Contact Name Bjorn
Email Email
Website Website
Facebook Facebook
Twitter Twitter @Troldmmand_Bjorn
Founder Bjorn
Year Founded 2009
Number of Members 1
Areas Served 
The Fox Valley

I specialize in problem hauntings, whether it's a ghost, spirit or demon, I can help. I am also a spirit medium.

Bjorn is a practicing Odinist. Odinism is an Old Norse belief system which means a follower of the Norse god Odin. Odinism is associated with Asatru and is a form of polytheism.

He is also a practitioner of an ancient Norse practice called trolddom. Thaumaturgy was practiced in Norse society during the Scandinavian Iron Age. Trolddom is associated with the god Odin. Connected with Norse religion, its origins are largely unknown, although its practice changed following the Christianization of Scandinavia. A practitioner of trolddom is called a troldmand (male) or troldkvinde (female). These words are still used in the Scandinavian languages today.

Bjorn's spiritualist medium abilities are hereditary, passed down from his grandfather. He has a great deal of experience in spirit communication, conjuration, and vanquishment.

For over 25 years Bjorn has performed these services. He does not charge for his services, but does accept donations.

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