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Duncan Paranormal Society

Omaha, NE

Contact Name Brian or Amber
Phone 402-981-9151
Alternate Phone 402-981-2575
Email Email
Website Website
Founder Brian & Amber
Year Founded 2009
We investigate residences, organizations and companies. Types of haunting that we help are Residual, Intellegent, and Demonic.

Mission Statement

Abstract: Getting familiar with the unfamiliar.

Detailed: The mission of Duncan Paranormal Society (DPS) is to help others get familiar with the unknown. We do this by conducting investigations for families, businesses and organizations at no fee to the client(s) requesting an investigation. These investigations are scientific and not based on psychics or mediums. We base a "haunting" on the scientific evidence that is captured on film, digital recorder (Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP)) or photos.

Policy Statement

Duncan Paranormal Society bases every "haunting" on the scientific proof captured on video, pictures, and on digital recorders. We will never base a "haunting" on how we feel or what we think we saw. These are personal experiences that must be backed up by proof.

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