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Lower Valley Paranormal Investigators.LLC

Rupert, ID 83350

Contact Name Melinda Osborne
Phone 208-219-1639
Email Email
Founder Owner & Founder: Melinda Osborne
Year Founded 2000
Number of Members 23
Areas Served 
All of Washington State...

Hi my name is Melinda Osborne and im the owner,founder & lead investigator of Lower Valley Paranormal Investigators.LLC ( L.V.P.I. ), We are a non-profit organization and do not charge for any of our services to you... We investigate everything from old cemetery's to old and dilapidated historic sites and buildings...We had the team licensed, certified and registered in January of 2012 for the state of Washington, In the beginning we didn't know we had to be licensed but we are now... I've been a paranormal investigator now for 26 plus yrs, 15 yr independently and 6 yrs with various teams on invite or belonging to... In early January of 2000 I was with Northwest Ghost Hunters as a field investigator,they decided to shut down in February of 2002, I then decided to get Lower Valley Paranormal Investigators.LLC off the ground and get her legal, I've had the name for 20 yrs but now it's registered and copyrighted and active... I've always had a love for the paranormal ever since i was only 8 yrs old... On a family outing to Fort Casey, when there in bunker #8, I met my very first full bodied apparition... The infamous nurse in white, she was very kind and very soft spoken and told me as she took my hand leading me back out of the bunker areas (I remember this like yesterday) " IT'S NOT SAFE FOR YOU DOWN HERE IN THE DARK..." At the time i didn't know she was a ghost, she was as solid as a human, she was worm not cold and smelled of rose and peaches, when I had herd my mom calling for me cause i wandered to far from her, as i got to her I told her about the nice nurse lady from the bunker and she told me to show her, we couldn't find her any place, mom got scared talked to some ranger person and they told her not to be scared of her she was killed in the bunker when an artillery shell hit it and there she has remained ever since or shes seen in the hospital up the path that is not open to guests at that point we were there, from then on i started loving the paranormal and studying why they stay on earth and not move on or why they prefer to stay here... It has been my life's hope to educate the population in understanding that the paranormal world does exist and there not here to hurt us intentionally, there just trying to say "hay im here" and tell us there story's but some are very afraid of us and what we do to find them but, with lots of reverence and patience they do come out from hiding and say hello, and its our job as investigators to help the home or business owners to find the answers there looking for when they hear something or see a glimpse of something they don't understand and are afraid of and teach them about what ever is in there and either get it to move on or remove it from there establishment if possible and if they want us to get rid of it for them... we back everything up with proof, I absolutely will not tell a client there haunted if our team is not 100% positive and have scientific proof to back it up, and always offer to call us again if it happens again...

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