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McHenry County Paranormal Research Group

Woodstock, IL 60098

Contact Name Tony Olszewski
Phone 815-236-1692
Email Email
Website Website
Founder Tony Olszewski
Year Founded 2006
Number of Members 12
Areas Served 
Northern Illinois, and Southern Wisconsin

As part of the paranormal investigation, and with our client's permission, our medium/psychics and empaths will attempt to read the property, as well as the client, which can possibly help us identify the spirit or spirits, and/or the cause of the haunting. Sometimes places are not haunted, but the people residing there or objects kept there are. We also will make a determination through our paranormal investigation if we believe the spirit to be positive, negative, or malevolent. If the spirit is negative or malevolent, we can assist in the removal of the entity/spirit by doing a cleansing ritual /smudging /salting of the property. We have been very successful in removing such spirits. In addition, we are very proud to have also been successful in helping spirits who are earthbound to be able to cross over.

We have achieved our success by combining the use of the currently available paranormal investigation equipment, and our investigative process to gather data, and then we correlate it with the data and insight we receive from our medium/psychics, and empaths. It then becomes a matter of paranormal checks and balances. The more levels we layer at the apex of any occurrence, the more credible and probable a paranormal experience it becomes. Multiple simultaneous scientific data anomalies, coupled with simultaneous video or audio anomalies, and simultaneous medium/psychic/empath interaction, equals paranormal activity. For us, it's a simple basic formula that works.

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