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South Mountain Paranormal Society

Hagerstown, MD 21740

Contact Name Christian Gordon
Phone 240-520-8799
Email Email
Website Website
Founder Christian Gordon
Year Founded 2012
Number of Members 10
Areas Served 
we are here to serve MD,PA,WV,VA. We also will handle case by case if we can get together a team to handle emergency cases as well.

South Mountain Paranormal accepts emergency cases on a case-by-case basis. Each case will be reviewed by the founder of our group, at which time a decision will be made.

South Mountain Paranormal Society’s mission is to Investigate Claims of Paranormal Activity with the use of Scientific methods to determine is there is evidence that can be documented and confirmed to support all paranormal claims. Each of our members are hand picked, undergo necessary background checks and must complete an extensive probationary period before participating in Private investigations. All members must be cross trained in the use of all necessary equipment and must demonstrate a proficient display in the operation and functional knowledge of all equipment used before completing their probationary period. We as a group take our investigations very seriously and have a passion for what we do. We as members of a paranormal group have all either experienced the paranormal or have a dedicated interest and we too are searching for answers utilizing scientific methods to document. We are dedicated to assist those in need of, troubled by or just curious about activity they may be experiencing. We look to either validate the claims and experiences or provide explanations that may or may not be paranormal. We do not try to discount or discredit any client claims or experiences, we set out to validate or provide answers. Our service is completely free of charge and your privacy and confidentiality is our number one goal. If you contact us to assist you, all information is kept completely confidential between the Founders and Case Manager. Only necessary information is provided to our investigative members as an added layer of protection for your privacy. Only with written permission will any documented evidence be published. At no time will your name or address be released unless you provide written authorization that is signed by you and at least two administrative members of South Mountain Paranormal Society. Our goal is to have an evidence review with you as a client within 14 days, but this is not always possible. Some investigations require more extensive research and / or secondary investigation dates. In emergency cases we will attempt to have an evidence review as soon as possible after the completion of the investigation. Once we have opened a case with you and completed an investigation, we will keep your case open and maintain periodic follow up with you. We will at your request investigate multiple times if you continue to have experiences or new experiences begin. We will always be just a phone call or email away.

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