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Northern Virginia Paranormal

Vienna, VA 22182

Contact Name Janie Daum
Phone 703.821.1282
Alternate Phone 703.298.5210
Email Email
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Twitter Twitter @janiedaum
Founder Janie Daum
Year Founded 2009
Number of Members 2
Areas Served 
State of Virginia, Northern Virginia, Washington DC and Northwestern parts of Maryland

EVP's,electronic voice phenomena, this is why I work mostly alone or with one or two partners, along with the families or individual, there is less sound contamination. Sometimes I work with a medium or seasoned investigator. I look for voice phenomenon in locations and try to verify who and what is there. If the area warrants further research I can partner up with a larger group to bring in video evidence and corroborating findings.

Usually, I will meet with the family or individual or even by phone for an initial interview. If a physical investigation is warranted, we will plan on coming out one evening and I do work during the week as well, whatever works at your convience. We will spending a few hours with you and do some EVP sessions in different parts of the location. With extreme cases I can run a spirit box to see what entity is willing to speak with us through one of the devices I have.

Since I work mostly with digital recorders and still shot camera's, most of my work begins when I return home where I then down load the recordings to my computer using Wave Pad Pro and Bose QC 15 Headphones to listen for any voices other than ours. I make a time stamped log on each recording which is very time consuming but necessary. Sometimes it can take weeks to go through the evidence and compile a report. I will share with the homeowner any evidence I find and see what the next plan of action is, if at that point, things are still happening at the location. Sometimes we can do a clearing on the first visit that does work with some locations. At this point there is no charge but donations are excepted. You can put in an envelope whatever amount you feel the investigation is worth to you and give it to us at the end. It is greatly appreciated.

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