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Extreme Ghost Hunting

Blyth, Northumberland NE245ED

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Founder Stephen Lambert & Paul Green
Year Founded 2009
Number of Members 2
Areas Served 

Stephen has over 10 years experience in ghost hunting and spent a lot of this time on overnight ghost hunts alone.Paul aka The Psychic Biker is possibly unique in the psychic world, a talented medium and psychic, who was once an ardent sceptic. Using our vast experience, knowledge and working in a unique way, we provide new and experienced ghost hunters a haunted night you'll remember for the rest of your lives.

Stephen and Paul both have watched on such internet sites as You Tube and also seen at events they attended where the "dressing up" and the gadgets appeared to be the main attraction of the night. There is nothing wrong with that if that is what you are into. Often the social side of these events are, for some people, the reason for attending. But it was not the way either Paul or Stephen wanted to work. They both, while working independently of each other, had come to feel that the barrier of so many gadgets diluted the essence and the purpose of what they wanted to do. Most people want to experience "something" whilst ghost hunting. That something will always vary from person to person but what both found in many conversations and debates is that any experience to be of value to anyone has to be personal. In that they have to see, hear, smell or feel that "experience." Using their own senses and not via a camera feeding into a TV screen, nor via playback on a video camera. Now they both fully accept that the human does come with software faults, it can misinterpret sights, sounds, smells or any other input it is receiving. It can have its programme disrupted by software crashes when emotions are thrown into the mix. But also it can learn, it can use past experiences and apply logic each time it encounters new "events". Humans are pretty marvellous bits of kit though, so why put something in between that experience and us? To both Stephen and Paul that just seemed illogical. Over many discussions, meetings and of course going on ghost hunts, both started to formulate their approach to the whole ghost hunting style of events. From that Extreme Ghost Hunting was born and then further developed to become an organisation committed to letting people come on a ghost hunt to have as much freedom as possible to do their own thing. They also found that guests on their events, once they realised that they were being allowed to do just what Paul and Stephen said they would, started to extend an element of trust to both Paul and Stephen. To the extent that now they will happily book to come out on a cold Saturday night to an event they did not know the location of until the evening before. Stephen and Paul will always do their utmost to ensure that guests on their events get to have as much as possible a personal experience. Plus that they will endeavour to ensure guests get to "do their own thing". As one guest who had attended many investigations and ghost hunts over the years when asked by Stephen "What do you want to do?" said," I have never been asked that before". To see the enthusiasm from such a guest who now could put into practise some theories and ideas she had wanted to try on ghost hunts but had not been able to due to the regimented approach of some groups is proof to Paul and Stephen that they "got it right".

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