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by Dave Juliano -
Article courtesy of South Jersey Ghost Rsearch

I have an affinity for stories of animals ghosts like the faithful dog returning to visit his master.  I personally have experienced this with my dog Sparkee (who is featured on The Shadowlands main page) who came back 3 times to visit me and also appeared in a lucid dream.  I have heard many stories about other animals returning from the grave. The most common seem to be dogs, cats, horses and birds.  The experience can be auditory like hearing the jiggling of a collar and tags or hearing the animal bark, meow, etc.  Others may see the animal like I did in my case.  I have also heard of people feeling the animal curling up next to them in bed and not seeing anything there at the time.  This brings us to the question of how is this possible? If we believe that ghosts are the spirits or souls of a deceased human being then wouldn't that mean that the animal spirits are the same thing?  Many religions do not believe that animals live on after death. I believe that certain animals, maybe even all, have a spirit that lives on.  I have no doubt that what I had experienced with Sparkee was real and I'm sure all the others that have had a similar experience share this view.  In fairness and keeping an open mind, I must also admit there is another popular theory concerning animal ghosts.  This theory is that we give the pet, through our love and devotion, a "spirit" which is created from the energy of all out emotions concerning that pet and out wish to see it again.  I have always leaned toward the first theory of animals having souls and there are many cases of psychics contacting the deceased animals which would not be as likely if the second theory was true.  I'll leave it up to you to decide for yourself.

I do want to mention one other type of animal ghost that we see in many stories and that is one that represents some evil presence in the home.  For the most part the ghosts of pets normally just show themselves to their former family.  There are other cases of a somewhat more active haunting also having an animal spirit being observed.  Most investigators that deal with the darker hauntings look for this as a sign that there may be an evil presence at play somewhere in the situation.  The most common animals to be seen in this type of haunting are black dogs, black cats, rabbits, goats and other small black rodent-like animals.  Now they are usually seen in hauntings that do have other symptoms of a diabolical haunting so don't assume if you see a dog ghost that you don't know, that you have a evil spirit there, that's jumping the gun a bit.


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