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by Keith and Sandra Johnson
Article courtesy of NEAR Paranormal

The Demonic gains a foothold: Permission will be granted for the inhuman entity to enter. This could involve dabbling in the occult, or using divining techniques such as the Ouija board. In some cases the permission given will not have been so obvious in the victims memory.

Infestation: Poltergeist-like activity generates fear, which, in turn, fuels the demonic.

Oppression: Because time has no meaning to the inhuman entity, this stage can vary from weeks to even years. Paranormal phenomenon intensifies such as the movement of objects increasing in scale and tapping or knocking becoming loud pounding. Injury without obvious cause will occur such as scratches or bites. Nightmares and sleep depravation break down the constitution of the individual. A person’s weaknesses will be targeted with the ultimate desired result on the part of the demonic: Possession

A description of someone thought to be possessed includes:

1. Violent behavior and sacrilegious outbursts

2. Aversion to the spoken name of Jesus Christ, blessed objects and holy water, etc.

3. Abnormal strength

4. Ability to speak languages never before studied

5. Psychic or paranormal abilities such as telepathy, levitation or poltergeist activity

6. Knowledge of facts about other individuals they have never met

7. Wounds appearing that are not self-inflicted or inflicted by an obvious outside source

Other phenomena associated with the presence of the demonic include repulsive odors, a marked decrease in the temperature and spontaneous movement or destruction of objects in the room of someone allegedly undergoing possession.

Theoretical differences between possession and a neurobiological disorder (NBD) such as schizophrenia:

1. Christianity: Demons and their victims are averse to anything having to do with Christianity. Individuals with NBD are often devoutly religious.

2. An inhuman entity can impart hidden knowledge such as facts about someone that the possessed person has only just met. Someone suffering with NBD will not have this access.

4. There will be paranormal phenomena that are apparent to others around the victim in a possession. In NBD, nothing in the environment will seem unusual to others.

5. Those who have experience dealing both with demon possession and individuals with mental illness believe people who claim to be possessed more than likely are not. The demonic will try to conceal its presence.

6. If prayer solves the problem, then it was probably not schizophrenia. If medication and therapy helps, it was not demon possession.
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