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How Do You Know if You are Psychic?

by Sara Rosario Trujillo

Normally, I would write a professional article on the paranormal in a very serious, narrative tone. For the purpose of this article, however, I feel I must take a much more personal approach. Thanks to Bill at and other paranormal professionals who come to me with case referrals, I have found simple ways of helping suffering psychics to deal with their abilities. It takes determination, an open mind and hard work but you can end your suffering and feel more like your "old self" in a few weeks. Check out these tips for getting control of your psychic abilities so you can get your peace of mind - and your life - back.

I have noticed a pattern. Whenever a suffering psychic reaches out to me for help, the email reads almost exactly the same and goes something like this:

"Dear Sunny,

You are going to think I am crazy but I can't sleep and I feel anxious all of the time. I notice strange things in my home. People don't understand me and their energy overwhelms me. I can hear their thoughts. I see ghosts and can hear it when they talk to me! I feel like someone is always watching me and I don't know what they want. I am so sorry to bother you, but I don't have anyone to talk to about this. I tried once to talk to my __________and he/she looked at me like I was crazy. It has gotten worse and worse! I don't know what to do. I am scared out of my mind and extremely depressed. HELP!


"Desperate in Denver"

The first thing to remember is that every psychic goes through this. In fact, in my experience, this email cry for help usually signals the onset of psychic puberty! Every professional medium that I know personally has gone through this difficult time and it usually happens when they are becoming more powerful psychics or have gone through things in life that opened them wide up to the influences of the spirit world. Not every psychic becomes a full-fledged medium but the ones that do invariably go through a series of experiences that help them to learn about their gifts and how first to control them and then how to put them to good use. The job title comes with a heavy burden of expectations and responsibilities. Most psychics who come this far do practice in some way, shape or form, even if it's just as the family sensitive who gives unfailingly good advice.

There are many, many psychic mediums in the world. They have many jobs and take on many roles. The first step in learning to control psychic abilities is to admit you have them. When you accept the unveiling of your psychic abilities or you sense the acceleration of your psychic learning, you must accept your gifts and learn about them, keeping in mind that the journey is a spiritual one, meant reveal your life's purpose and is full of up's and down's.

TIP: Try to figure out what the Universe is trying to tell you. When I had my come-to-Jesus moment with regard to my abilities, the Universe was asking me to stop playing small. I kept getting older and I still felt like I wasn't fulfilling my life's purpose. I knew I was supposed to do something important and felt that way since I was very, very young but I could never figure out what it was! It drove me absolutely nuts and became a source of stress. The pressure mounted with each year that passed.

When I answered the psychic call, I became filled with purpose. I have been so busy trying to keep up with the demands of my real-world and psychic, spiritual life that I haven't had those thoughts in years. I have became so completely absorbed in what the Universe has put on my plate that each moment is filled with purpose and richness - even the boring ones. For me, uncovering the fruits of the spirit world made this one, the human world, much more interesting.

Next, you have to learn about your unique abilities. One of the hardest parts of mentoring a young medium is to get them to understand that there is no easy button. I can tell them how things unfolded for me and provide information but my student's abilities and the way he/she processes things psychically is invariably different from the way I take in psychic information. The reason for this is because our individual personalities deeply affect the way we perceive things. My symbols are different than Kim Russo or Theresa Caputo's symbols. My personality tips the hat to them both but I bring an extra dash of flavor and Sunny spice. I am dead serious about some things and a total goof-off when it comes to something else. The way I encounter a spirit, relay it's messages and interact with my client cannot ever be replicated exactly. I am the only medium exactly like me. I had to learn all about my psychic self and you do, too

TIP: Keep a journal. I began to document activity and kept a journal of psychic impressions. This helped me to uncover patterns and familiarize myself with my guides. I soon learned how to tell the difference between normal activity (like when my loved ones or guides were present) and abnormal activity, like when I felt anxious or depressed for absolutely no reason. I realized that spirits had invaded my thoughts and emotions for years! It was good to get a grip on it. Now I am very aware of my own consciousness and can quickly detect when the energy of a pesky spirit is rubbing off on me.

Finally, you have to decide what you are going to do with your psychic self. You do not have to do readings. You do not have to declare to the world that you are a psychic medium. If your religious beliefs and the norms in your community conflict with the idea that ghosts exist on earth, you do not have to change your beliefs or disrupt the tranquility of an already-thriving spiritual life. It is my personal opinion that mediums and sensitives who come from ANY kind of restrictive background, spiritual or otherwise, have a harder time coming to terms with their abilities. Instead of feeling ashamed, however, many deeply religious people who are psychically gifted try to view it as meditation, deep prayer or connectedness to the spirit that is God who rules all things. The problem, however, is that some sensitives draw spirits to them in droves. You can't ignore your abilities or ever suppress them completely. If you know how to tell spirits to leave you alone, you will have a much easier time maintaining your spiritual equilibrium and minimizing the effect that wayward spirits can have on your personal life. Just because you are psychic doesn't mean you have to upset the apple cart if you do not want to. 

Some of you, however, will want to. I was one of those. I figured that I had gone through a lot just to come to terms with my abilities. I needed to keep following the path. For me personally, to stop there would have been leaving a job half-done and I was sick of leaving things half-done. My abilities had robbed me of focus and I had struggled to finish many things that were important to me. I kept going and magically was able to commit like I never had before. Well, except when it comes to music. I have never left a song unsung.

Which brings me to a very important point - a sensitive needs an outlet for all of the excess energy we pick up as we go about our days out in the world. Surprisingly, the energy of living humans is harder to process and to block out than that of our spiritual counterparts. (You'd think seeing a ghost would rock your world, but I can think of humans - old bosses, ex boyfriends - who rocked my world harder than catching a fleeting, two-second glimpse of a ghost.) Those are the common energy thieves - the living vampires that weigh us down and wear us out. When your energy field gets polluted, you start to get sick, emotionally and sometimes even physically. I have hobbies that allow me to feel normal. For me, intense sessions at the gym, singing and listening to music helps me to purge my energy. If you are a sensitive or psychic who lacks control, your energy no doubt is polluted by the people you've run into, those you work with and even those with whom you share a home. You must find a hobby or an activity that wears you out, drains all of your physical and emotional batteries and leaves you feeling refreshed, pure, focused and whole. As a psychic early in your development, your everyday life is the perfect psychic proving ground, an arena for learning how to control your psychic environment. I learned how to interact with humans in a much better way by teaching people how to treat me and by putting up healthy boundaries around my mental and emotional energy. When it came time to stake my claim over my spiritual environment and tell the ghosts to be gone, I felt much more comfortable in my own skin. My confidence had carried over into my spiritual life.

TIP: Do what feels right for you. Through trial and error, and probably some tears, if I'm honest, I learned that I like to keep my abilities under wraps when I'm not working. I have to create space in my life to be a normal person with regular friends. Once I got past the fear and learned the basics of psychic control, I felt at peace. I still have to maintain balance and control over my psychic boundaries but it is easier now through simple things like exercise, good beer or a light-hearted conversation with a good friend. Learning about myself was a journey - no, it was a trip! I definitely didn't get there right away and I wasn't the picture of grace and composure at all times. Like all of life, it was messy and wonderful and changed me in unending ways forever.

Remember, a huge part of the journey for all psychics is stepping into a place of personal power. It's not just about ghosts. Being sensitive affects every facet of life so learning how to trust myself, to say what I was feeling, to admit to feelings of vulnerability and fear made me a person who is more complete. I am closer to the god of my understanding. I understand my fellow man in a new way and I have more compassion and patience with people than I used to. Gaining control and understanding of your psychic abilities allows to see yourself, your life and your role in the world in a new and different way. Focus on the positive aspects of life with abilities and they will become a cherished part of you.


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