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by David G. Scott / Religious Demonologist
Article courtesy of NA Demonic Paranormal

Taking Back Your Home The phrase "Taking back your Home" is one that a lot of people in the paranormal field have heard; investigators and clients alike. However, the phrase itself is not just a bunch of words. When you get right down to it, taking back your home is an action. It is an action because there are things that you must do in order to be successful. These things that must be done are not only mental and emotional, but also physical. Furthermore, it is also a frame of mind, as well as should be a shared feeling with everyone that lives in the home.

The first step in taking back your home is to first find out what you are dealing with; that is what you're taking your home back from. In order to determine this, an investigation usually needs to be performed so as to gather any evidence, and debunk anything that can be explained. Once the investigation has been done, and you have been able to obtain any solid answers, you must then take the steps to get what is there… out.

If it is found to be a demon, you must find out how it got there, or what brought it in. You must also determine whether or not there’s a possibility that if it is a demon, could it be a territorial demon. I have touched on this subject in a recent article I wrote entitled "Territorial Demons". If it is a demon of any type there will be negative activity taking place in the home.

If you're dealing with a human spirit that is in visitation, there’s nothing that can really be done about that. This is because God is allowing it for His purposes, thus it will end at the appointed time. If this is the case there will be no negative activity, no attacks, and no one will fear the spirit in the home. Nor will it usually last very long. The same goes for angelic activity. It is a well known fact that angels are all around us almost all of the time.

When you're truly in the presence of an angel you will feel no fear; only comfort and love, and they will glorify God and His Majesty. I am not addressing "Poltergeist" activity because that is believed by most people (including myself) to originate from an adolescent in the home, that has the ability of psychokinesis; not a spirit.

Once you have been able to determine what you're dealing with, and you have the proof, the next step is to get rid of it. Even if you call in help for this, it is still ultimately up to the family/person living in the home to keep it from coming back once it has been driven out. For some people though, that can be truly hard for them, especially if it’s demonic.

In a majority of cases, the person or a family member did something to bring it in; whether or not it was intentional needs to be found out too before you can proceed to expel it. However, a person bringing in a demon is not always the case, especially if you’re dealing with a territorial demon. If you are dealing with a territorial demon, then that means it was there before the family/person moved in. If that is the case, it can be very hard to drive it out, and keep it out unless the family/person does things properly.

When the process of taking back your home has begun, and it is demonic in nature, the Church must be called in to help. Despite what many people want to believe, not just anyone can expel a demon from a home, and they have found this out the hard way. Now, having stated that, even if the Church is called in to help and does what is needed to expel the demon, the family/person can still help. Simply having the family/person present for a house blessing, saying "out loud" that they do not want the demon in their home, and that it is not welcome there, will show the demon that the family/person supports what is being done thus they will also be doing their part, as is the Church. It is truly a team effort and everyone must be united and stand against it. However, when this is done, precautions must be taken so as to prevent any type of harm.

Still, there are cases in which the Church may not even be able to drive the demon out. If this is the case, then only prayer will drive it out. Jesus Himself said this in the Bible in Mark 9:28-29. Although Jesus could exorcise any demon or devil, we will not always be able to; especially if our faith in Him is weak. There may be other variables that keep the demon from being driven out permanently too. For example, the demon may be feeding on the negative lifestyle and or emotions of someone in the home.

Or, if the demon is a territorial demon and has laid claim to that home and property it will be difficult to expel if it has had control of it for a long time, and or the family/person doesn't truly feel in their heart that the house is their home. The demon will know this, and in return, will use that to its advantage. This is exactly why it is up to the family/person to keep it from coming back, and why counseling and other continued help is needed in some demonic cases. The family/person lives in the house, not the person that comes in to help, and or expel it. A family must stand together against it, support one another, and do what is necessary to keep it from coming back. When they do, they can keep the demon out permanently. That is why it's called "Taking back Your Home".

In closing, the actions or non-actions of the family/person can make the process of taking back their home extremely difficult, or very easy. A simple case can be made hard, and a hard case can be made simple. Once the help has been called in, and the family/person has been taught what to do and why, it is up to them to apply it to their situation and keep peace in their home. Unfortunately, there are many families/people that just can not do what is necessary to help themselves because they can not change. The change must come from within, and the family/person must really want to change for the better in their heart and life. If they don't, or everyone in the family doesn't do their part, no one will be able to help them, and the demon will most likely remain. If it involves a family, the whole family must help each other and do their part. Just one family member can't do it all on their own. Whether it is an entire family involved, or just one single person, to "Take back your Home", you must first take back your life; and only you can do that.

Once that is done, you can unite and start helping each other, thus beginning the process of putting an end to the ordeal.

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