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by David G. Scott / Religious Demonologist
Article courtesy of NA Demonic Paranormal

Territorial Demon(s) is not something that many people have ever heard of, including paranormal investigators. However, the name pretty much explains what they are. A territorial demon is a demon that has laid claim to a property. In this article I will address the very basics on territorial demons.

When dealing with this kind of demon there could very well be more than just one on the property. If there is more than one, they will all usually answer to one superior demon, or a “head demon”. Discovering whether or not you are dealing with a territorial demon can be tricky unless you know what to look out for.

The main reason why it can be tricky is thus; a territorial demon will know everything about the property it has laid claim to. Put another way, the demon will know the entire history of the property. It will know who has lived there, what happened, when it happened, how it happened, why it happened, etc. Just like any other demon, a territorial demon will do one of two things if person or family moves onto the property. Number one; it will try to scare the new owner away. Number two; it will pick a target (person) and try to attack and destroy him/her.

Once the person or family has begun to experience things in the home they will usually become concerned as to what is taking place within their home. When this happens, they will of course call in some outside help in order to try and figure out what is happening. However, the demon will have the advantage if possible help arrives. That advantage is of course the fact that it knows the history of that property. Therefore, if a paranormal team is called in to help the family or person, the demon could simply re-enact past events that happened on the property. When this is done, 9 out of 10 teams will automatically assume it is a residual haunt once they have done any research on that property. If the team chooses to believe that possibility then they will most likely tell the client that there is nothing to fear or worry about as the activity is “harmless”.

The demon will often cause this activity when the oppression stage has begun. Even though the demon may not be “attacking” the client yet; this type of activity can and will often be done in order to confuse the person mentally and emotionally while breaking him/her down at the same time. The most important thing to look out for, as with any case, is “negative activity”. Even if the client hasn’t begun to experience any personal attacks against him/herself that doesn’t mean it won’t happen eventually, because it usually will. However, if the demon is identified quickly enough and expelled from the property in time, the attacks could be prevented all together.

If a team comes in to try and help the client figure out what is going on and the demon can successfully trick or fool the team, or people helping, into thinking and believing that it is just a residual haunt, then the demon would have accomplished two things at once. Number one; it will get rid of any possible help. Number two; it will gain more power and control over the property because it got rid of the help and fooled everyone. If this happens, it can make it that much more difficult to expel from the property once it has been properly identified. Simply put, the stronger the demon, the more difficult the battle. Again, and this can not be stressed enough, the most important thing any investigator can do when they aren’t sure what they are dealing with is listen very carefully to all the claims of activity. If it is indeed residual in nature there will be no negative claims of activity, nor will the activity increase in frequency or severity in anyway at anytime.

If the client is reporting things like black masses and shadows, feelings of being watched or dread, those are red flags for a demonic haunt. If it is a territorial demon though it will usually only stay on the property and not attach itself to anyone in the home. However, having stated that, it can still attach itself to someone. If it is believed to be residual, and it is residual, and the team has explained to the client what a residual haunt is, then that should put the client at ease thus ending any fears or anxiety on the client’s part. However, if the fear and anxiety continues with the client, and the activity in the home is causing these feelings and emotions, that too is a red flag and things need to be re-evaluated. If it is believed that something else could be going on, then more help should be called in. Just like when seeing a doctor, it never hurts to get a second opinion because the first one could be the wrong one, and left untreated, things will get worse.

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