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by Keith and Sandra Johnson
Article courtesy of NEAR Paranormal

The field of paranormal investigation is a varied and controversial one. Researchers come from all walks of life and become involved with this endeavor for various reasons. Many have had events occur in their lives that cannot be easily explained and the field peaks their interest from that time on.

There are those who are quite interested in the technical aspects and are very knowlegable regarding equipment and the latest ghost hunting gadgets and have expertise with the interpretation of data.

There are those whose interest is based on a belief that they have an innate ability or sensitivity enabling them to relate to, see and converse with those on 'the other side'. They may even claim to have the ability to allow spirits to possess their bodies and speak through them (channeling/automatic writing, etc.). The objective, in these cases being to help the 'earthbound human spirit' to move on into the next plane of existence.

Most investigators try to separate any religious beliefs they may have from the research they are doing in order to keep investigations as scientific as they can be.

Then, there are the demonologists.

There are those who hear the term 'demonologist' and think 'one who conjures demons'. Another interpretation of the demonologist is someone who studies the angelic and demonic heirarchies and has memorized the names of these eternal beings. Still another interpretation is the idea of the priest/exorcist from the movie of that name.

Some lay demonologists belong to paranormal research organizations, others work independently. There is one thing they all have in common: a calling to the work. This 'paranormal investigator' will call upon the name of Jesus Christ in protection of others under diabolical attack. He/she will call upon holy and mighty warrior angels sent by God to intervene where there is demonic infestation.

When the 'ghost hunters' have finished their evidence gathering, deciphering and interpretation and can offer no more to the terrified client, there must be someone to come in and assess the possibility of inhuman (demonic) involvement, offer advice and, hopefully, initiate a solution. The demonic has the intelligence of the ages and knows the identities of its opponents- those that meddle in its affairs on behalf of the vulnerable. The demonologist will be known by the diabolical and both he and those associated with him will be targeted.

A very strong faith must accompany this individual, and those who assist him/her, at all times.

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