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Living with Ghosts? What not to do

by Edwin F. Becker
Author of
True Haunting
True Haunting
Available Now on!

Having had much exposure to the paranormal in forty years, and having friends that were a psychic, an exorcist and a telekinetic, I still consider myself far from an expert. There is no standard profile that ghosts fit into. Each is unique in behavior and energy. However, having lived [not by choice] with multiple entities, I can certainly give advice of what ‘not’ to do, should you be forced to live with active and/or malevolent spirits. They seem to thrive on emotional upheaval. In my book, because so many instances were painful and personal, I glanced over the depth of the emotional toll we suffered. My wife and I are now married for 45 years and were very much in love at the time and it seemed one or more of the entities sought to drive a wedge between us. We came very close to separating. Don’t allow that. Avoid all arguments especially that center on the problem. I found myself in denial and even challenging the spirits to show more and more “proof.” While my wife felt I was playing with fire. She was frightened, and honestly, I attempted to maintain a false bravado. We fell into a constant tension and had disagreements almost emulating the relationship of a couple that once lived in this building that ended with the wife committing suicide. I became argumentative, aggressive and easily angered, never realizing that my emotion was most always centered on the ghosts or activity. My wife actually left and went home to her parents to escape the hostile atmosphere and the stress and tension that had driven us apart. In retrospect it became clear that many occurrences were timed to fuel our disagreements. We might be debating our alternatives and something would happen. My wife would react one way, and I would react the opposite, usually followed by an emotional situation. Ghosts will “bait” you and feed off that energy. Never allow them to develop that wedge. Believe me, they will send waves of hostility in your direction, so never use those against one another. If you are aware that this can occur, you can recognize it and combat against it. We were young and ignorant and only felt the effects never recognizing there was no basis for our change in moods. I would suddenly feel hostile or agitated. She would get angry and emotional. The whole time we were merely pawns in their game. In looking at a property, there are many subtle signs of ghostly behavior. Changes in temperature, unexplained breezes, ringing in the ears, goose bumps, feeling like you’re being watched, brushed up against, etc., but the worst is a wave of agitation or a “hot” flash of emotion. Aside from a visual or physical display, this is a clear declaration of a violation of their space and pending conflict. I have no doubt that had we stayed in this building six more months, our marriage would have ended in a brutal divorce. My sister’s marriage actually did. If you must stay in house that is occupied by a malevolent spirit, fight against allowing it to turn you against one another. It is their game and believe me they are very good at it. There are a number of these “ghost hunting” programs where clearly they begin arguing on site over missing cables, or things not being set up correctly and ‘on camera’ bickering begins. They never realize that before they entered the ‘site’ they were getting along perfectly. Avoid being played.


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