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North Florida Mystery Trackers

Lake City, FL

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Website Website
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Twitter Twitter @nfmtparanormal
Youtube Youtube
Founder Jacob James and Laura Rose
Year Founded 2009
Number of Members 10
Areas Served 
North Florida

*Ghosts and hauntings *Poltergeist *Doppelgangers *Astral projection *Out of body experiences (OBE) *Near death experiences (NDE) *Cryptozoology *UFO sightings *Mythology *Legends *Psychokinesis *Telepathy *Clairvoyance *Extrasensory perception (ESP) *The occult *Historical research

North Florida Mystery Trackers (NFMT Research) is a paranormal and metaphysical research and study group based out of Lake City, Florida.

Our Mission:

To research, study and investigate all things considered Paranormal or metaphysical by nature.

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