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Paranormal Investigation Team

Huntington, WV

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Founder Joedy
Year Founded 2012
Number of Members 6
Areas Served 
Huntington and the tri-state area

We handle data in a very scientific fashion and we respect the privacy of our clients. We share all found data with the client.

P.I.T., which stands for "Paranormal Investigative Team". We are a break away from an much larger group in Huntington WV. This new team is meant to be more agile and adaptive in order to gather a better quality and quantity of evidence of a possible after life.

P.I.T. now has a set of guide lines for residential investigations. These Guide lines are presented to those that are curious and may question what will occur if they request a hunt on their property. Of course our service is free and we respond as soon as we receive the request.

P.I.T. (PIT) steps in a private home investigation. The reason for these steps is to insure that, we cover all areas that is needed for the investigation with enough equipment and trained personnel to properly take in and handle “Raw” data. The steps below are just merely guide lines. Due to the nature of this field, having rigid rules will only serve to hamper the efforts of the volunteers within the team and frustrate the person who needs help with the paranormal.

STEP 01- INTRODUCTION: The introduction to the people and place that is to be investigated is a needed step for a proper investigation. This step in the process serves to familiarize the people of the house with the ghost hunting group. During this visit, there will be a max of 3 people to show up. The personnel will be the Team Lead, Case Manager, and a standard investigator. It is after personal introductions, each member of this initial group will have the following job….. • The Lead will go and scout out the location and decide what equipment will be needed and where to place it. The Lead will also decide how many trained personnel will be needed by the size and scope of the location. • The Case Manager will start up conversations with the people who want the investigation, in order to find out some of the “hot spots”, the personal history, and an overall back ground of said location. • The Standard Investigator will have the job of looking for anything that could cause Hallucinations, Fear Cage effect, and anything else that could affect the mind’s perception of reality. The investigator will also take environmental scans and log them as needed. After, the introduction, The Case Manager, will arrange for a date with the property owner for the actual Investigation.

STEP 02- The INVESTIGATION When the full scale investigation team arrives, they will then set up the apparatuses that are needed and start the hunt. The Lead will then delegate responsibilities as seen fit.

STEP 03- The SHOWING This is the step where the lead and the case manager will return to the house to present the evidence and offer advice and give direction toward other resources and groups in the area. The Lead will give the property owner a copy of all found data on disk and will ask to show the found data on the PIT Facebook page. Any found data that has the client’s name, address, or picture will be excluded from the postings.

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