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Anomaly Response Network

Big Lake, MN 55309

Contact Name Sean Feeney
Email Email
Website Website
Facebook Facebook
Youtube Youtube
Founder Sean Feeney
Year Founded 2001
Number of Members 46
Areas Served 
Minnesota, Wisconsin, Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana

Ghosts, UFOs, Crop Circles, Bigfoot but we investigate all claims of unusual phenomena.

ARN's goal is to objectively study all forms of unusual phenomena through the collection of first hand reports, the field investigation of these reports, and the computerized analysis of such data. In order to accomplish this goal and present a united effort to mainstream scientists, ARN facilitates communication between its network of affiliated research organizations. It is only through the sharing of data between these independent researchers and organizations that anything will be one day solved.ARN's mission is to bring together researchers, investigators, scientists and analysts from a variety of fields that have long been performing their high-quality studies independently of each other. Within each field this independent work has often fostered an ego competition between these investigators and between the organizations they represent, leading to the scattering and hoarding of data that could help explain anomalies. ARN postulates that the lack of correlation studies between the phenomena studied in each individual field could be the key in identifying causal relationships.

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