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Hawaiian Island Paranormal Research Society

Mililani, HI 96789

Phone 855-NOGHOST
Email Email
Website Website
Founder Preston Galera and Blaise Atabay
Year Founded 2008
Number of Members 8
Areas Served 
Investigations - State of Hawaii.

Advice & consultations - All areas.

We are Hawaii's Professional Paranormal Research and Investigations team specializing in all paranormal phenomena and haunting activity.

The Hawaiian Island Paranormal Research Society (dba Hawaiian Island Ghost Hunters)is a professional non-profit organization listed as an actual business in the State of Hawaii. It is our mission to help the people of Hawaii, or anyone who may contact us, with any questions that they may have regarding entities, haunting activity, paranormal activity in general, and/or any experiences that they have had or are having regarding such phenomena. Our services are free of charge and shall be conducted professionally with ALOHA.

The main focus of our investigations, if warranted, are to search for logical explanations that can possibly explain activity and experiences. Though we take note of personal accounts and descriptions, we go into an investigation with a clean slate forming our conclusions based off of the data and experiences that we've collected ourselves. Though we are not scientist, we conduct our investigations and activities in a scientific manner.

If an investigation is warranted, we will bring instruments and equipment into your home or business, and use them in an effort to capture evidence of paranormal activity. Please know that the equipment includes various audio and visual recording devices. HIPRS/HIGH fully respects the need or desire for confidentiality and will not share or publish any information such as names, addresses, or personal accounts without the permission of our clients. In the spirit of research, we do publish information and evidence via our website, but will do so using generic names and descriptions to provide anonymity. For the most sensitive cases, all information and evidence shall be handled and stored by the by the founders ONLY.

We are not amateurs and we are not thrill-seekers. Together, we have many years of experience and information, and have been fortunate to be mentored by some of the best researchers and investigators in the field. Due to our past experiences, we know that certain experiences can be fearful, uncomfortable, and traumatic. Please know that we understand and we are here for you. If we take on a case, we will dedicate our time and efforts and commit to doing our best to help our clients find the answers that they are searching for.


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