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East Coast Ghosts - Paranormal Research Group

Reston, VA 20194

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Website Website
Year Founded 2006
Number of Members 5
We are a small group of paranormal researchers that are especially sensitive to cases concerning individuals or families that find themselves in situations where activity that is potentially paranormal in nature is causing fear, oppression, doubt, and general disruption to their lives. You should feel safe in your own home or place of business. In a paranormal-ridden location, this may not be the case. We do our best to answer questions, provide evidence and facilitate an understanding of the paranormal so that our clients are better able to cope with the activity at their location. We not only help clients determine if the activity is paranormal, we also try to find the origins of the activity and if applicable, we attempt to find peace for any human spirits that may be linked to the haunting.

We truly care and provide a continuing relationship with our clients. Our goal is to help them understand and deal with what is occurring in their home, free of charge.

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