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Front Range Paranormal Society

Colorado Springs, CO 80911

Contact Name Doc
Phone 719 291 2509
Email Email
Founder Doc Randall
Year Founded 2005
Number of Members 7
Areas Served 
We assist families in the state of Colorado. We also assist companies but the families come first. We are a not for profit team and we have never charged a fee.

We only work with the worst cases. If it involves injury (scratches and pushes etc) or if it involves children. We utilize sensitives to get the information on those who have crossed to determine the type of activity and assist the clearing/cleaning of the residence.

We leverage technology to indentify the spirit(s) and rectify the situation. Our equipment includes a 24 track digital recording system. Studio grade microphones and parabolic device. Full spectrum video and still cameras. Custom Full spectrum lighting equipment. Full spectrum laser starfield devices. EMF meters and pump. Custom negative ion generators. And various devices I have built.

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