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Kenneth & Farah Deel / Roman Catholic Demonologist

Springfield, MO 65802

Phone 573-990-1333
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Year Founded 1976
Number of Members 2
Areas Served 
World Wide

Demonic entities, evil spirits, ghosts, Any and all paranormal phenomenon.

Bro. Kenneth G. Deel, ofs and Sr. Farah Rose Deel,ofs are Catholic Spiritual Warfare Counselors, field investigators, both operate as “Demonologists”, A rare Husband and Wife team in the trenches of the Paranormal /“Spiritual Warfare” investigations as well as education, with a combined 80+ years actual experience and studies related to Ghost and Demonic hauntings, possessions… Dedicated “Roman Catholics”, trained “Catechists”, currently they are working under the authority of the RCC as a special “Healing Ministry” in “Spiritual warfare”, as Counselors, field investigators, and “Demonologists”. They are also provide education, assistance, consult of Clergy, Pastors, and Laity and other Investigators in public and private forums and venues on these related topics. Lectures, books, Course-ware, and multi-media presentations are available, call or email to request an appearance. All topics include higher level education on related spiritual warfare and preturnatural topics and testimony from personal case experiences.

Kenneth Deel original author of The Catholic Demonoligist, Co authors along with his wife. They Currently has five books published which includes: “The Catholic Demonologist Handbook”, The Christian Demonologist handbook and their more recently published books including a non-denomination edition: “The Christian Demonologist Handbook” and a companion study guides to both. Ken's latest, the "Haunting Self Help Guidebook" in which Ken’s wife Farah has Edited co-authored. They also have available the complete guide to start your own team of investigation, "Haunted Investigations" takes you from the planning, to troubleshooting, natural and preturnatural to special circumstances and finally assisting the homeowner to close the case. Weekly radio Thursdays, 8pm central, highlights cases, case studies current paranormal concerns. Youtube has spiritual warfare videos at "The Swords of Saint Michael" and "The Reel Deels". We consult worldwide. Will assist on the most severe cases, there is any monetary charge, travel expenses to cover exact travel only. Most cases are solved without ever stepping foot in a home. Got a haunt that's bothering you? Give us a call!

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