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Spirit Seekers paranormal investigation team

Grundy, VA 24614

Contact Name Candace St.Clair
Phone (276)7945224
Alternate Phone (276)3123138
Email Email
Email Alternate Email
Facebook Facebook
Founder Candacestclair
Year Founded 2012
Number of Members 5
Areas Served 
All of the USA but mostly in Virginia, West Virginia, Tennessee, & Kentucky.and North Carolina.

We have a tested medium who is also a magnet for paranormal activity on our team who can help spirits move on.She alson does cleansings and is able to read you and your home.She can see and speak to spirits.We are also EVP specialists.She give the spirits a voice and our team can determine if you have a spirit haunting or a paranormal haunting like a poltergeist or a demonic presence or shadow hauntings.also we can determine if it residual or intelligent. But we can also rid your house of any paranormal activity.Most teams can record the evidence is it they can't help you get rid of it.But we can we are help to help you and give you your peace of mind back we document the haunting so we can figure out what we are dealing with then we make a plan to get rid of the entity and rid your family of the paranormal activity so you can go back to living normal lives.We continue to check in on you just to make sure all activity has ceased.So we are always here for you not just he evidence we are here to help you and continue to do so and make sure your family is safe.Our goal is to help you and yur family first and foremost.Most teams just want the evidence and can't help you get rid of whatever plagues your home.That is why we are so different from most teams we actually can get rid of whatever paranormal presence is in your home that is our number one priority.

Unlike most paranormal groups we are here to actually help rid your home of paranormal activity not just collect evidence. We have a web series coming soon and an upcoming episode of the show A Haunting.Nothing will be televised without your written consent.

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