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Ardmore, PA 19003

Contact Name Deron Douglas
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Founder Deron Douglas
Year Founded 2002
Number of Members 7
Areas Served 
Philadelphia Area and the Mainline

Our goals are:

1. To help people who are experiencing or have experienced what they believe to be the paranormal.

2. To educate people so they can better understand and relate to their experiences.

3. To do our part in furthering the field in a positive and professional way.

Our interest in communicating with the spirit(s) of a haunting stems from our own personal experiences with the paranormal. In fact, we presently live and work in an actively haunted home and will gladly share with you the disembodied voices we have recorded here. In our investigations we use high quality digital recorders coupled with stereo microphones to initiate conversation with and to gather definitive information and evidence as spoken by the unseen people who sometimes share our homes and places of business.

You can count on us to bring professionalism and confidentiality to your situation. We understand that it’s difficult to be open about personal paranormal experiences for fear of being negatively labeled; we will always treat you respectfully.

In all we will do for you, your privacy is assured. We will never share or publish any of the media or details of your case outside of our close-knit group. All cases are considered sensitive and will always be held under strict confidence.

We will never ask for financial compensation for the work we do – although some clients do feel moved to donate to our pursuit of knowledge and understanding because they are now a part of it. We do this work for the following reasons:

1. To learn more about this hidden part of the human experience, communicate with these benevolent spirit people, and attempt to ease any suffering, confusion, or desperation they may be experiencing in their afterlife.

2. To help the living people who are having paranormal experiences to better understand and relate to what’s going on, to learn what can be done about it, and to find out who is in their home or place of work and how to live respectfully and peacefully with them because, in most cases, neither party is going anywhere.

It’s important to remember that these “ghosts” are still human people; only now they lack a physical body. They are entitled to the same respect and consideration that we, the living, expect. Sometimes they don’t even know they’ve passed away at first. If they do, they nearly always don’t know how it happened, and they’re looking for answers too. They want to know, “What happened to me?”

If you need help understanding and dealing with the paranormal experiences in your life please reach out to us and we will commit to do our best to help you and your loved ones with compassion, respect, and understanding. That’s our promise.

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