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The Ghost Hunter Girls

Denver, CO

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Year Founded 2009
Number of Members 7
Areas Served 
We are based out of Denver, Colorado, but will travel upon request to other areas of the state.

"We're the kind of girls who chase after the things that go bump in the night."

The Ghost Hunter Girls paranormal investigation team was founded by a small group of women who grew tired of seeing their gender stereotyped as easily frightened, faint-hearted females who stumble and wail in terror when running away from things that go "boo". We are a diverse group of courageous and curious women from all walks of life who are united by our interest in the paranormal, and together we use scientific equipment and data to analyze reports of paranormal activity.

We strive to add to the knowledge base of the paranormal field and present factual and accurate information to the public; supernatural research is not an exact science and to this day is a highly debatable subject. We are open minded to all theories and methods, and focus on treating every case scientifically while attempting to discover reasonable explanations for events that seem unexplainable.

Our goal is to research and investigate paranormal phenomenon related to hauntings or unexplained events, and to aid any individuals having problems dealing with or understanding a situation involving ghosts and hauntings. We hope to do this by educating those involved to the true nature of their situation and by giving them the information and understanding they need to create a livable resolution. We will gladly educate and promote scientific information related with the paranormal to the public community.

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