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Kansas Researchers of Unexplained Phenomenon

Stockton, KS 67669

Contact Name Terry Rowe
Email Email
Website Website
Founder Terry rowe
Year Founded 2008
Number of Members 5
Areas Served 
300 hundred mile radius or surrounding states.

We specialize in paranormal research, we feel science is not the only means of collecting data for this field, one must combine the metaphysical with technology to get good results and evidence. We also specialize in demonology and ritual of locations and also offer our expertise of this topic to the client if need be. We want to educate our clients to weed out the myths and superstitions of the paranormal. We also specialize in frequency of elements to get evidence, and deal in subtle energies to pin point vortex and ritual planes created by negative energy. We offer help to those who are being inflicted with unexplained happenings and offer a shoulder as a sound board to vent these occurrences without judgement. We are safe and confidential and evidence we collect will never be used unless client permits it.

Tools we use: Ion generator, laser grids, colored light frequency, strobe lights, trigger props for location, motion detection, trap camera fences, digital voice recorders, Ir lighting, video cameras, digital photography, full spectrum video, glow in the dark tracking system, metaphysical objects and elements when the need arrises, radionic receiver, bio feed back, sound frequency generator, mirror boxes and gems such as emerald and diamond, rubies and , smell frequency triggers. emf meters, and frequency counters. our group is very gifted we have two sensitives one inventor that builds our equipment, one skeptic that keeps us in line and one administrator to keep us organized. The founder has been in this field for 25 years.

We will be starting a haunted tour this fall, see our site for details and to shop at our store.

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