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Preston Paranormal Group

Waxhaw, NC 28173

Contact Name Jason
Phone 772-233-3550
Email Email
Year Founded 2017
Number of Members 2
Areas Served 
Waxhaw, Charlotte and surrounding areas

investigation, cleansing, exorcism

Do you hear footsteps and weird noises in your home? Do you put belongings down and later you find them elsewhere or missing altogether? Are your children scared of something only they can see? Or do you feel cold spots, negative or heavy energy in certain rooms of your home or work. Or have you been scratched, pushed, or otherwise harmed by an unseen entity, then contact us.

We are the Preston Paranormal Group. We are based out of Waxhaw, NC and we are here to help. PPG is a Husband & Wife investigative team that uses the most reliable equipment and techniques to diagnose your paranormal activity. We will gather all the information from you and do some research on the property and land to find out if there is a history that might have something to do with the activity and then we will schedule a time that is convenient to schedule the investigation. Upon reviewing the evidence collected during the investigation and sharing with you, we will put a game plan together to either remove the entity or teach you how to cohabitate with it.

   TEAM MEMBERS:  Sara Preston is a Sensitive/Clairvoyant who can sense energies and also                                     Has the ability to catch amazing EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon)                                     And spirit orb photography.

                                     Jason Preston is a Army Veteran that has spent a career having to                                     Analyze very confusing and life threatening situations and he is great at                                     Deciphering what's an actual haunting and what's maybe just a case                                      Environmental contamination. Jason is also an ordained member of the                                      Clergy and if qualified to perform the Rite of Exorcism on properties and                                       Individuals.

SERVICES WE OFFER:   Pre Investigation Consultation  Historical Research of Property Comprehensive Investigation  Exorcism of Property or Affected Individuals Spiritual Cleansing Lifetime of follow ups

We do not charge for any of our services. However donations are appreciated, but not required.                                           

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