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Psi-Cops Paranormal Investigations

Orlando, FL 32817

Contact Name Bill Norwood
Phone 407-420-7818
Alternate Phone 407-620-9671
Email Email
Email Alternate Email
Website Website
Founder Bill Norwood
Year Founded 2000
Number of Members 10
Areas Served 
All of Florida

Equipment specialist, Research specialist, Religious experts, EVP experts, Client care, Non Human / Demonic hauntings


Psi-Cops Paranormal Investigations was formed in 2000. We have been helping people just like you for a long time. We are believers in the paranormal, but we try to approach each case with a bit of skepticism so as to be truthful and find the real and best answers to the unexplained.

No stone goes unturned in our investigations. Our team includes a case manager, equipment specialist, research specialist, religious experts, and investigators.

Ghost Hunting is What We Do!

Psi-Cops will come to your location with a professional team of investigators and we will set up our electronic equipment and conduct a real paranormal investigation FREE!

That's Not All we Do!

Psi-Cops will help you resolve your haunting. Upon a client's request, we will provide spiritual, religious, and metaphysical support using a professional psychic, medium, or clergy of your faith. Psi-Cops is here to help YOU!


We have all the proper tools to investigate your paranormal phenomena. We have at our disposal: EMF meters, infrared, digital and 35mm cameras, Full Spectrum video cameras, DVR system, thermometers, audio equipment, motion detectors, night vision, ITC equipment, and much more Psi-Cops are EVP Experts

We will listen and record for electronic voice phenomena (EVP) using digital and analog recorders. We even have very powerful microphones to help us get the best EVP for your case.

Visit our Website for Client remarks and to learn more about us,

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