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Shadow Keepers

Banks, OR

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Website Website
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Twitter Twitter @ShadowKeepers_
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Founder Tim Kelly
Year Founded 2017
Number of Members 3
Areas Served 
Oregon and Washington

Research. Observe. Document.

Shadow Keepers role is to research, observe and document the many different subjects which makeup the paranormal field. Our focus includes extensive research to provide our members, readers and viewers of all facts, based on evidence, that we can uncover and confirm.

There are an abundant amount of beliefs, views, techniques, and scientific devices that shape the paranormal field. Our goal is to observe and study in an objective format.

We believe it is imperative to keep records and document what we research and observe. This includes evidence from our own paranormal investigations, or data provided to us from other individuals or groups. Documenting and keeping record of any evidence, from EVP’s to UFO’s to remote viewing, is imperative to providing accurate and complete data for future researchers and investigators in the field.

We are the keepers of the shadows.

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