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Ceehuang Taoist Academic Research Center

Brookline, MA 02467

Contact Name Su Vue Dao Ren
Phone 617-7754320
Email Email
Website Website
Year Founded 2018
Number of Members 4
Areas Served 
1.Geomantic omen (cemetery's position,building's position, house's location, interior arrangement,etc.) 2.Measuring and analyzing people'own numerology to solve the marriage problems \business problems\health problems,etc. 3. To analyze and resolve the paranormals. 4. Offering opportunities for training 5. Invitation to lectures in the area of Daoism and the Eight Diagrams Theory and the Five Elements Theory ,etc.

1. Geomantic omen (Feng Shui) 2. Numerology (Ba Zi) 3. Eight Diagrams (Ba Gua) 4. Five Elements Theory 5. Healing

The Cee Huang Taoist Academic Research Center is a Taoist academic system that is based on the principles of Fu Cee and Shen Nong to create the ability of human beings to survive and change nature. It is a research institution which aims to study and discuss natural philosophy, philosophy of life, physics, history, art of war, learning, health, and inner cultivation to change and cultivate human health, the development of the quality of civilized people. It uses philosophy as a weapon to destroy all feudal superstitions and bad customs; uses physics to promote science and technology for the benefit of mankind; uses solid facts to tell people what is good and bad, and then know how to move forward or retreat. It uses military methods to see through and defeat all powers , tricks and schemes, so that people will be in an invincible position. The institute uses I-Ching to study the internal laws of things, to make decisions, layout, and management of our business so that it can achieve better development under the same conditions and opportunities. It uses Taoist health as a technique for the maintenance and recuperation of human bodies. Through the practice of the Inner Dan qigong method, those who are ambitious and are fortunate can expect to become Gods and Immortals. If the world is blessed, Taoism will become the guiding ideology of the world science center within a few years, and will contribute to the re-establishment of world civilization. The founder of this institution has learned from the Taoist masters to learn from the Taoist school, and he has practiced Taoism for decades. The institute has published "Equality of Things in Physics Theory," in which the author who is the founder of this center, discusses what he found as incorrect in parts of the Einstein’s theory of relativity. He has also improved this theory and continued Einstein's cause, that is, what is Quantum and what is the field, and established a grand unified field theory. In addition, he published a philosophical masterpiece "On the Heavenly Cave", which revealed the Taoism secrets through the ages, and pointed out that Confucianism in the past two thousand plus years only concentrated on human relations and did not know the natural way, resulting in little progress in science and technology over the more than two thousand years when Confucianism dominated China and other oriental countries.

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