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Interstate Paranormal

Omaha, NE 68137

Contact Name Emily S. Watson
Phone 206-293-1413
Email Email
Website Website
Founder Randy Power
Year Founded 2011
Number of Members 6
Areas Served 
Omaha Metro Area and ALL surrounding areas and states

Mediums and IR camera

One summer night in 2007 while watching a popular television show about ghost hunters I convinced myself that this is something I had to try. Thus began my quest to see for myself if any of this could really be done. Trapesing through cemetaries and old abandond buildings with a few friends, snapping pictures with a lone camera began as a hobbie and turned into something bigger. By 2008 I decided to turn this into a bonefid activity of mine. Joined by one other person I began to investigate locations reported to be haunted with a real sence of purpose and enthusiasm.

In 2009 my idea had turned into a reality. Using better equipment and proven techniques the investigations began to get much better and much more intense than simply walking by a row of tombstones, snapping a few photographs, hoping to capture the holy grail of ghost investigators, a full bodied apparition. Now our investigations are performed in a steady and rational way. Looking for evidence of the paranormal, documenting our findings, being open to debunking evidence and keeping our cool under intense situations is our standard.

In December 2011 while reviewing evidence from an incredible investigation at the Vilisca Axe Murder House in Vilisca, Ia the name for our group came to me. From the travels we have done in the name of investigating to the more practical definition of the term 'interstate', our group finally had a name. Interstate paranormal.

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