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Mystique Paranormal Research Society


Phone 423-304-5202
Email Email
Website Website
Founder Samantha Morden
Year Founded 2012
Number of Members 10
Areas Served 
We primarily serve the general Chattanooga, TN area and all the surrounding areas including northwestern GA and northeastern AL. However, we will travel further for those in need or to assist another paranormal team.

Our paranormal investigations offer only purely scientific methodology and do not utilize sensitives/psychics in any official capacity. We believe if a natural reason for an event can be found, it is not paranormal. We have three main objectives: 1.) Helping those who believe they are experiencing paranormal activity of any sort. 2.) Finding 100% scientifically proven evidence of the paranormal 3.) Help to educate other on the paranormal.


To provide an unbiased and scientific approach to those who feel they are experiencing a haunting. all our services are always free of charge and& respectful. We also endeaver to continuously strieve to improve our techniques, equipment, and educations in order to better help those in need, as well as to add credence to the field of paranormal research.

•All our services are FREE of charge. We will never charge a client for an investigation! We are happy to provide these services to those in need. •We do not utilize psychics and/or sensitives in any official capacity,and all evidence captured must be backed by audio, video, still photography, or other scientific devices. We will not make claims without the evidence to back them up. •We are NOT "fence hoppers!" We will not investigate a premise/property without the written permission of the owner. •Any and all evidence collected will remain confidential, unless otherwise agreed upon by all parties. •If any of the client's claims can be disproved, or debunked, by any possible/likely natural cause, that claim must be thrown out. However, any debunked claims will be explained to each client, stating any and all possilbe natural causes. •We will provide an open door policy to all clients. Once we conclude our investigation, we promise to stay in contact with each client, as well as provide them with a contact within our organization. Many investigations may require one or more follow up investigations; after all, ghosts do not perform on cue! •Any evidence of a haunting will always be provided to the client within a reasonable period of time. However, all clients are entitled to all the evidence collected upon request. (NOTE: If all evidence is requested,we do ask for the needed discs, flash drives, etc. the client would like it put onto)

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