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Cal~Para Research Organization

Redlands, CA 92373

Contact Name Kd Foreman
Email Email
Website Website
Facebook Facebook
Twitter Twitter @Cal_Para
Youtube Youtube
Founder Kd Foreman
Year Founded 2006
Number of Members 25
Areas Served 
Southern California, Inland Empire based

25 years of progressive paranormal research.

We're looking to help homes, businesses, schools, and other organizations increase knowledge and awareness while we explore the Inland Empire! We offer FREE consulting and investigation to help you determine if your location has paranormal activity.

Investigations usually take approximately 2-3 hours. You can expect: •Professional, courteous behavior. •Respect for the privacy of the owners, tenants, and property. •Your final report within 7-14 days after investigation. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Cal~Para Research is an organization of investigators and researchers seeking to help those concerned or curious about their experiences with paranormal activity. Our investigations extend beyond the Inland Empire area.

Although our main goal is to assist clients with our services, we also endeavor to gather credible evidence by way of reliable scientific methods in order to contribute qualitatively to the field of paranormal research. As a result, the credibility of the group is closely maintained. We have successfully combined technology along with psychics/sensitives to provide a comprehensive study of each location.

In observing our standards of integrity, respect, and discretion, Cal~Para Research strives for excellence among the field of paranormal investigations. Client confidentiality is our #1 priority. Information or evidence contained within our reports will not be posted to our website without express permission of the client to do so, and under no circumstances will the identity of the client or the location of a private venue be disclosed.

Our service is completely FREE of charge, as our only agenda is to make you feel more comfortable in your own home and/or place of business. Although we may confidently claim to be experienced and educated in the field of paranormal research and investigating, we cannot in good conscience proclaim ourselves experts in the paranormal, and we caution our clients and the public to be wary of those who do make such claims, particularly if a fee is involved. There are in fact no experts when it comes to the supernatural and/or paranormal. Nevertheless, there are many credible and competent researchers, like ourselves, who are collecting the most authentic evidence possible.

In light of this, we believe the information contained in our reports to be credible and accurate. However, we must also caution the client not to use it as absolute proof, but rather as circumstantial evidence supporting or denying the probability of paranormal activity.

We thank you for the opportunity to conduct your investigation.

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