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Night Venom Paranormal

North Myrtle Beach, NC 28345

Contact Name Penny Luke
Phone 843-593-2256
Alternate Phone 843-501-2267
Email Email
Facebook Facebook
Founder Penny Luke
Year Founded 2012
Number of Members 4
Areas Served 
We will travel to where we are needed!

We cover everything

We are a research based team located in the Sandhills of North Carolina. Our team finds the answers that you are seeking. We are here to help you understand what the experiences that you are having may be. Our main goal is to make you feel comfortable and hopefully help take away any fear that you may be having. We do not believe everything that goes bump in the night is a ghost; 95% of the things can be explained. We are here to help you understand that 5% that can't. Through our research we hope to help science in the understanding of the paranormal and help prove its existence with documentation. Our team is small but we have more than 40 years of experience between us. We bring our experience, our knowledge and compassion to every case we have. Between us we have experienced just about everything the paranormal world has to offer. We have experience and knowledge in every type of paranormal activity from the benign to the demonic. No case is too small or too big for us to handle. In this time, we know what you must be going through to be searching for a paranormal team. We understand that fear and confusion; maybe even a little embarrassment. Each of us has been there and knows that feeling; we are here to listen and answer any questions or concerns you may have. Each of our investigators is here to answer any questions 24/7. No question is too silly. No situation or experience is too outlandish. We are always open minded and are here to believe you. You are not crazy! We have all the latest equipment to help us document anything that may be present or not. Our cases are completely confidential and will never be posted on our site unless previous arrangements are made. Our services are completely free of charge. We just don't think it is proper to charge clients when they are vulnerable and afraid.

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