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Ghost Posse Inc.

Reno, NV

Phone 775-425-0892
Email Email
Website Website
Founder Petra Bradt
Year Founded 2005
Number of Members 12
Areas Served 
Reno, Lake Tahoe, Virginia City, Lovelock, Hawthorne, California

Digital Voice Recorder - The recording of EVP's through the use of digital voice recorders and detailed interrogation, which is later analyzed with special software like Adobe Audition by our tech team.

•Frank's Box - This device allows direct interactive contact with spirits. It is not designed by the original creator of the Frank's Box, but is similar in functionality. A very valuable tool in gathering EVP evidence.

•EMF Sensor (Electromagnetic Field) - The use of special sensitive equipment which reads any changes in the environments electro magnetic field, which tends to detect the presence of paranormal activity.

•K2 Meter - The K2 EMF meter is a standard EMF detector. Most EMF detectors use a needle that will move up and down when indicating electromagnetic energy. The K2 meter uses lights to indicate the energy instead of a needle, flashing and then finally staying lit at the level found with the meter.

•IR Cameras - Special analog and digital cameras which are equipped with special light emitting diodes, and infrared sensors that are able to detect movement in absolute darkness. Often recorded to VHS, DVD, and other forms of digital media.

•Digital Thermometers - These are essential to obtaining temperature changes quickly. More advance models are laser thermometers, that give you temperatures of where you point the laser and thus are very useful for taking fast readings of different areas without moving.

•Motion Detectors - These are two part devices that emit an infrared beam, and when the beam is broken an audible alarm sounds. These are useful to ensure no-one enters a locked off area, and to detect if a spirit passes through the beam.

•Digital Cameras - Common throughout the world now for great digital picture taking. Significant breakthroughs in spirit photography have been attributed to these modern marvels. Keep in mind that any camera's taking photos above an 8 MPX could attribute to false positives.

•35 MM Film - Of course no investigation could be complete without a good old fashioned roll of color print 35 MM film-stock. Always reliable and available.

We provide fast courteous service and are always willing to travel, depending on your needs. We offer daytime re-con, and nightlong on-site investigations, with sleepovers optional on most appointments. All evidence gathered is looked over immediately, and carefully, and no information is expressed or shared with anyone without our/your approval. Your privacy is important to us, and is respected.

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