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Midwestern Paranormal Investigative Network

Appleton, WI 54915

Contact Name Vicky or Scott
Email Email
Website Website
Founder Scott, Vicky and Jim
Year Founded 2010
Number of Members 4
Areas Served 
All of Wisconsin and throughout the Midwestern states.

Investigating preported hauntings. We have experience conducting paranormal investigations in multiple private homes, businesses, prisons, famous battlefields, and historical landmarks. Please see our website for more information and inquiries:

In ourselves we carry the ideals and beliefs that we inherited from those who layed that foundation before us. Who we are is a reflection on who they were; their values, their vices, their sense of purpose and being.We see the evidence of their remaining presence on a daily basis. Their abandoned buildings. Their ghost towns. The decaying homes they left behind. They struggle to call out for attention, but are powerless. All too often we fail to acknowledge them. We keep driving. We look away. We continue on with our lives, forgetting the fact that they’re the ones who gave it to us.This is my attempt to heed their call. To document the left over parts of those who defined us. They remain in every county in America. Famous, infamous, and forgotten.I have not forgotten them. I believe it is possible for them to continue to tell their story.

This is my Homage to them… To us.

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