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Independent Paranormal Consulting

Colorado Springs, CO 80909

Contact Name Lu Velazquez
Phone 720-251-3702
Email Email
Website Website
Founder Lu Velazquez
Year Founded 2008
Number of Members 1
Areas Served 
Independent Paranormal Consulting (IPC) is a paranormal "freelance" endeavor. I provide paranormal investigatory services with an emphasis in researching the philosophical and psychological aspects of paranormal events. The philosophical dynamic between the clients and paranormal investigators is my subject of research.

So, how is IPC different? Our mission is to eliminate fear from the lives of others through empowerment. IPC acts as a consultant to clients to empower THEM to address the currently unexplainable events that disturb them. To provide the client with the appropriate tools to restore peace to their lives through their own power. IPC also acts as a consultant to other paranormal groups to provide assistance and act as a liaison with clients to attempt to troubleshoot or provide potential alternatives to a difficult situation with a client and/or an investigation..

I continue to work with various paranormal investigation groups and studying their methodology, philosophies and group dynamic is another aspect of Independent Paranormal. I also act as a referral conduit for clients to be able to match their individual needs, personalities and philosophies with appropriate groups in their area so as to ensure a good fit during those uncertain times.

The philosophy of Independent Paranormal Consulting is one of attempting to obtain an objective stance while researching the philosophies of both the client and the paranormal researcher regarding beliefs, practices, perception and social dynamic during the investigation of a reported paranormal event so as to enhance and provide context for the empirical information obtained by the investigator.


Lu is a Phi Beta Kappa graduate from the University of Connecticut with a degree in Philosophy. She is an author/philosopher, having written the book "The Down and Dirty on Paranormal Investigators". She was the owner of Parabola Consulting and conducted seminars on ethics. She attended St. Paul Catechetical Institute and is well educated in Theology, Comparative Religions, Hermenuetics, Epistemology, Apologetics, Biblical History and Spirituality. She also has a post graduate certificate in Gerontology through the Dept. Of Human Development at UCONN as well as an Associates in Science in Physical Therapy. Lu is currently the organizer for the Meetup group Haunted Like Me.

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