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Alpha CovenĀ®

Winchester, VA 22602

Contact Name Rev. Mark Holt
Phone 540-209-6691
Email Email
Website Website
Founder Reverends Mark and Roxanna Holt
Year Founded 2009
Number of Members 3
Areas Served 
Northern Virginia Maryland West Virginia Some Parts of Western and Middle Virginia Pennsylvania The District Of Columbia, winchester va

Demonic possession of persons or households. (exorcisms) Consultation/counseling. Mark Holt is an ordained minister in the Christian Church and has over fifteen years of experience in demonology/research and dealing with the demonic.

Founded in 2009, Alpha Coven is a Christian Ministry founded from the aftermath of Hollywood's creation and endorsement of "paranormal" television shows. Hundreds of thousands of groups have sprung up conducting reckless investigations, opening doors to the demonic and not even knowing why, or how they did it. We have come to a place in our society when "fear," and "evil," have become an addiction and acceptable form of recreation and sport. After Reverend Holt noticed a connection between people "investigating" the demonic and suicides, metal illnesses, divorces, behavioral disorders and demonic possessions occurring, he formed the coven to offer aid to those who have fallen victim to the trap. Paranormal Investigation is NOT a victimless hobby or job. People get severely hurt and even killed. Demons are VERY patient beings, it is never a matter of "if" but of "when." Reverend Holt is ordained through the Christian Church and holds his Masters Degree in Religious Studies and Theology. Alpha Coven also offers counseling to those with addictions, Marriage to those who wish, baptism to those who have not been "reborn" into the family of Christ, and prayer for those who are in need. We do not "ghost hunt." This has only proven to end in disaster and trouble. Our coven only goes where we feel Christ is leading us. In some cases we may refer our clients to other clergy or professional services due to the high amount of "attention seeking behavior" that human beings seem to emit when wanting us to take interest, however, we. do try to help everyone any way we can. IF there is a psychological disorder, we will not do an initial interview until our client has been psychologically cleared by a doctor. Holt was formerly a member of "The Thelemic Order of the Golden Dawn," or, OTO, and found that he not only was a full blown satanist, but he would be dead if he didn't reform his life and turn back to Christ. After a horrid encounter with two demons and visually seeing angels fighting the demonic, Holt quit the cult, gave his life back to Christ, and began his religious studies. We hope we can help you and if we can't, we will recommend a professional who will. Being in or on a paranormal investigation team is about as "cool" as playing Russian roulette with five hollow points in a six shooter. It's not a matter of if you will die, it is a matter of when and how. Blessings. Please understand that the number provided to contact us is also Reverend Holt's Business line, do not let the voice mail confuse you it is us.

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