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The Warrenton Paranormal Research Society

warrenton, VA 20186

Contact Name Heather Lynn Keesling
Phone 5403470987
Alternate Phone 5407293396
Email Email
Email Alternate Email
Website Website
Founder Heather Lynn Keesling
Year Founded 2010
Number of Members 66
Areas Served 
va,dc, delaware,pa and md

Paranormal Investigation and Cleansing of haunted place's

As a Ghost Hunting Unit, WPRS concentrates our research on the preliminary interviews and the base investigations. Our primary objective is to either substantiate the report of our client, or find a reasonable explanation for what they are experiencing.

Our equipment includes, but is not limited to, audio and video recorders, EMF meters, motion sensors, and temperature guns. WPRS’s investigations have included historical sites, private homes and commercial properties. The primary function of the investigations is to be able to document paranormal activity, thereby giving credence to the client that the activity is real and not imagined. If, during the investigation, we find that there is a reasonable explanation for the activity, that will also be reported. After the investigation a written report will be presented, along with a digital copy of all photos and audio on CD.

The standard WPRS team will consist of two-to-six investigators. All of whom have been involved in multiple investigations.

It is our policy to insure that no damage is done to any of the client’s property. Therefore, all of our equipment is hand held or on tripods, we do not string cables or use tape on any surfaces

Serving Eastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia and the entire USA

All of our services are free of charge.

About Us

Welcome to Warrenton Paranormal Research Society. You have found a group where those looking for answers can find them. Founded in 2010 we do more then just investigations. Our researchers and psychic mediums have a combined experience of over 60 years. We help lost souls cross over to the other side and clear your home, business, or historic location of unwanted activity. We are a modern scientific and psychic based group documenting and recording reported paranormal activity. We use state of the art technology along with psychic investigators / mediums in an attempt to explain the paranormal activity you are experiencing, Compassion and privacy are our primary goals.What sets us apart from other groups is the way we balance science and psychic investigations to help solve our clients issues.

What is a medium?

We know what our five senses are-sight, hearing,, taste, touch and smell, We have another sense that is equally as real as the other, It is what we call our sixth sense, the gut feeling or hunch you cannot logically explain. A medium is one who has fine-tuned their extrasensory perception and can work with spirits in other dimensions. They are able to feel and /or hear thoughts, voices, or mental impressions from the spirit world. A medium is able to become receptive to the higher frequencies or energies on which spirit people vibrate. Usually they must develop their skills over a period of time.

Something to think about when looking for a group to help with the paranormal.

We see that there are many paranormal groups that are copying what they see on TV and have no true understanding of the paranormal and the dangers that exist. This seems to create issues for dedicated scientific and psychic based teams which are devoted in finding answers and helping people with real paranormal issues. These groups come in and take pictures, capture EVP's (Electronic Voice Phenomenon), and inform clients of what they have found. Due to their lack of experience the clients are left with unsolved paranormal issues. We have found that sometimes this could cause more problems than they started with. Because of this, the client has given up with trying to find answers for their paranormal experiences and they are left with dealing with the issues on their own.

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