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Sight: Southern Illinois Ghost Hunting Team

Centralia, IL 62801

Contact Name Alan Whitmore
Phone 6183161279
Email Email
Website Website
Facebook Facebook
Youtube Youtube
Founder Alan Whitmore
Year Founded 2010
Number of Members 6
Areas Served 
Illinois, Missouri, Kentucky, Indiana, Tennessee

Debunk or Document the claims of our client.

Sight was created to help those who need help to understand the paranormal. Our team is trained to deal with Phenomena experiences. With our high tech. Equipment, and the trained personnel our team is ready to serve you. The team expects nothing in return, were just wanting every person who has paranormal to feel comfortable in their own home. If any negative paranormal exists then we will do what we can with the equipment we have to help get rid of them.

Sight was founded November 2010. The team was founded because of the paranormal experiences we have had. Some of our members would like to experience the paranormal and some of us has lived with it. No matter what we are here to help our client with any paranormal problems. I can say as combined experience we have 25+ years of contacting the other side.

Sight, when we investigate, we always look for alternative explanations for what the claim might be. When we enter the location, we usually gander and take in all the scenery, then we usually, at this point will like to perform interviews, take tours, and we also like to take base readings so we can compare the data with what we find at night. Then we talk every detail over with the entire team and we plan the investigation. Then our equipment tech will setup the dvr cameras. When it gets dark its usually lights out so we can get to work. Our investigations last anywhere from 6-10 hours depending on the size of place and what the claims are and the area we have to cover. Then we break down all the equipment when we have collected enough evidence, including video, audio, thermal, temp, etc. Then when all the equipment is loaded, we tell our client how long we shall analyze the evidence. Then within the next few days our analyst team goes over all the evidence and compare it to the history and find the answers our client seeks.

Then the day comes to reveal the data and history we have carefully went over, The team leader and another member of the team will then go over step-by-step on what happened, any personal experience, and the video and/or audio evidence. Then we try and look at and explain exactly what is going on so our clients feel comfortable on what is going on

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