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Angelic R&C Intuitive Angels

Edmore, MI 48829

Contact Name Carolyn Monroe
Phone 813-850-4805
Alternate Phone 813-850-4280
Fax 989-304-4076
Email Email
Email Alternate Email
Website Website
Facebook Facebook
Founder Carolyn Monroe
Year Founded 2011
Number of Members 3
Areas Served 
We do all the United States.

R&C Angelic Intuitive Angels Paranormal Team Goes Where No One Else Will Go or Do What We Do That We Do Guarantee.... We specialize in the spiritual struggle against dark, inhuman hauntings.

If you become involved in this type of case and would like to have the assistance of an experienced Pastor who has done this for years please contact us.

Also, please feel free to forward this contact information to someone in need.

We do travel throughout the Midwest including Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, Kentucky, Michigan and others.....

We are the Exorcist Persay.... Pastor Rich Lewis:Exorcist Caria Lewis: Lead Investigator

*All information is kept confidential and we do not charge for our services.*

We Are The Only Paranormal Team That Does What We Do Remotely.

We Are A 100% Guarantee.... We don't always have to be on Property to do what we do. We Just Need An Address....

Rich & Carolyn have had Paranormal done to them. Rich & Carolyn are not anything like those groups. We are a 100% guarantee.

We guarantee that you will not have any more issues after we are gone.

There will not even be any more residue(s) left on any premises. If our clients are not satisfied neither are we! We Have So Many Referals, If Needed.

We are a specialized group of uniquely dedicated to investigate paranormal and non-paranormal activity.

We are one of the most respected team in Florida and Michigan.

We guarantee that you will not have any more issues after we are done.

R & C Angelic Intuitive Angels is not the Exorcist either persay, although we can help you or others in need.

We use our intuitiveness to help you feel safe in your home again. We Are Not Ghost Busters, or Ghost Hunters.

We also understand that calling on a team to investigate a home or calling someone for help is not an easy decision.

R&C Angelic Intuitive Angels has been there where you are today....

Our Primary Concern is you and your family and our clients.

We are very professional, we have the highest standards to each and every investigation.

Private homes are investigated but kept completely confidential.

We know we have been there, and above all else, we respect your right to privacy and your confidentiality.

Furthermore, as a result the majority of our cases are referrals from other spiritual groups and ghost hunters, and we will make every effort to educate and assist those who are experiencing unexplained paranormal activity.

This is not a hobby for us and we are not beginners at this either.

Every case is unique. In the event children are involved, then that case becomes our top priority.

We will not provoke what is there because we understand our clients still have to live in the location after we are done.

We share our findings with our client, come to a conclusion. We do this by spirituality. We do not use technology. We also do not use sensitive recording devices in an attempt to capture scientific evidence of paranormal activity, we have our Angels that guide us.

R&C Angelic Intuitive Angels Paranormal Team Investigators of Florida and Michigan is a nonprofit organization.

We are founded on principles of inclusion and cooperation, and we actively work and network with other paranormal groups and investigators from across the United States.

So If You Think You Have Something In Your Home, Property.

Just Give Us A Call. We do not reveal our clients to others and we do not put that on our website, although we do document the information we get and it does not go on the website it goes in our Journal. Or if you feel like you are being watched, things being moved around or missing, do you have chills go up your spine.

Does anyone in the home have health issues or like feeling sick to the stomach etc let us know.

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