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Northern Ghosts Paranormal Research & Explorations

Buffalo, NY 14225

Contact Name Jim Beerse
Phone 585-683-1653
Alternate Phone 716-768-1497
Email Email
Email Alternate Email
Founder Jim Beerse & Terra Casey
Year Founded 2000
Number of Members 5
Areas Served 
All of the Upstate and Western New York Region, along with its bordering states. We also will consider traveling further when extreme circumstances warrant our services.

Our mission is to research and investigate activities that may be Paranormal. We have extensive experience dealing with darker negative haunts and energy. These cases are taken very seriously and take precedence over other cases, as the families involved need our help the most. It is not our intention to promote or select a particular faith over another, other faiths and beliefs may not share the same views. This is the reason we refer to these cases as negative dark energy and not demonic haunts. We will try to help those who are experiencing Paranormal activities, whether in their home, business or property where their experiences are taking place. Our investigations will use scientific methods through audio, video etc., to determine if the unknown activity may be Paranormal or something natural. We study the unexplained. We do not and will not work with Ouija boards or perform séances!

Northern Ghosts Paranormal Explorations & Research of Buffalo, NY is a team of paranormal investigators whose primary goal is to document, and hopefully someday scientifically prove the existence of ghosts. We also strive to educate the public, and help those who live with hauntings deal with their fears and experiences. Although we do not discredit the use of psychics, we instead use both simple and high-tech electronic equipment to document and substantiate our experiences. We do not use Ouija boards, séances, or divining rods to conjure or locate spirits. We investigate both public places and private residences, and although we are based outside of Buffalo, NY, we enjoy traveling to investigate haunted sites around the country. We are a serious group of professionally-minded adults who believe that skepticism is healthy, and that all reasonable explanations should be ruled out prior to declaring an experience to be Paranormal in nature.

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