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Paranormal Observations

Albany , NY

Contact Name Amanda
Phone 518-928-8825
Email Email
Website Website
Year Founded 2013
Number of Members 1
Areas Served 
Capital Region, NY

Using a professional and educational background in psychology and science, my goal is to both help those who are curious or concerned about what they perceive may be happening in their homes, and do actually research into parapsychology. I have developed strict protocols for investigating and evidence review which helps eliminate most false-positive's that too often are passed off as "proof" of the paranormal, leaving only truly anomalous findings, of which I still catch many. In addition I work with incredibly talented mediums (and they have to be good if I trust them!) that will do readings and cleansing in truly upsetting situations. My services are always confidential and free, and do not require an overnight stay or late night investigation that disrupts the life of the homeowner. I also work closely with North East Paranormal Society which I was a proud member of and highly respect.

After having worked for a number of years in the paranormal field and for a long time doing things the "traditional" way (a lot of sitting around in the dark, and emulating "Ghost Hunters", and oooo and aaahing over dust orbs) I have come to realize the huge lack of critical thinking and common sense in the local paranormal community. The fact is that doing it that way does not actually help people or spirits. I strive to help people understand their paranormal experiences by taking a critical thinking and compassionate approach, and also by not relying on unproven, unscientific equipment (EMF detectors, K2's, flashlights, ovilus, etc) and TV ghost hunting techniques that do little but further the myths and unproven ideas about the existence of ghost, demons, etc. Instead what you get is discrete, honest, and logical findings and advice from a science professional that will hopefully answer some questions and put your mind at ease.

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