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Carolina Paranormal Unit

Cherryville, NC 28021

Contact Name Doug Mullins
Phone 7047698224
Email Email
Website Website
Facebook Facebook
Founder Doug Mullins
Year Founded 2004
Number of Members 8
Areas Served 
North and South Carolina,Tenn,VA

Investigations using scientific equipment EMF meters,MEL meters REM pods, ITC, etc etc. Researching in the history,Blessing such as holy water burning sage and having a priest/preacher on call we also specialize in E.V.P.,Digital video/photo counseling in the paranormal, nightvison cameras, If you would like to know more please e-mail me at or visit us at

Hello, Welcome to Carolina Paranormal Unit's website. We are here to help people in anyway possible with paranormal claims. Things going on in your home or bussiness that you don't understand? We are always here to help you. We are a team that has dedicated most of our lives to the paranormal world. Carolina Paranormal Unit (C.P.U.) was founded in 2004. But most of us was investigating the paranormal before. We are not here to prove or dis-prove if ghost are real or not. What we do is To try and prove or dis-prove of a haunted or none haunted location. We do not try and prove that ghost exist or do not exist. As we believe strongly in the paranormal and in ghost. We try to prove if the location it self has paranormal activity or is haunted. Or just plan man made. To be honest just about every place we have been, we have been able to prove that most paranormal claims are man made. We are a nonprofit and all investigations are free, and are kept in the strictest of confidence. Unless you give written permission make it public. If you would like an investigation done you can contact us here at this number. We are always here to help. 704-769-8224

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