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Astral Perceptions Universal

Hanover, PA 17331

Contact Name Lon Strickler
Phone 4102415974
Fax 4102415974
Email Email
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Website Website
Facebook Facebook
Twitter Twitter @PhantomMonster
Founder Lon Strickler
Year Founded 2013
Number of Members 3
Areas Served 
United States & Canada

I am an Intuitive / Clairvoyant, disciplined in Perception Protocols, Spiritual Alchemy, Folk Magic & Rootwork. I use my skills to help those people who experience entity infestations & phantom disturbances, as well as spirit & thought-form attachments. My goal is to provide a professional and confidential resolution, including continued personal support and guidance, at no cost to my clients.

Astral Perceptions Universal is a 'not for profit' organization. Our clients are never asked or pressured to compensate us for the services we provide.

When the potential client first contacts us, the mechanism of our organization starts immediately. There is an initial consultation with the client through telephone and internet communication. This is followed by a course of primary research used to gather the main facts. The next step would be group discussion and assignment of duties, which include extended research and client dialogue. All pertinent factors are considered during the research and investigation phases. It is a necessary process and potentially time-consuming...but we require a complete and detailed inquiry in order to achieve reputable evidence. Remote perception techniques are eventually initiated. This is a methodical and efficient operation, absent the conscious mind, that allows us to distinguish physical traits and senses associated with the target. This is a scientific procedure during the early phases, but ultimately this converts into a psychic exercise. At that point, a 'clear vision' or a clairvoyant state takes over during the final matrix phase. During this stage various extra-sensory information may emerge including the subspace aspects of entities and/or ethereal? energies in the area of the target.

This is a thumbnail description of how Astral Perceptions Universal conducts the evidence gathering element of an investigation. A wide variety of procedures are considered in order to resolve the situation because each and every case is different in some degree. We also provide continued support that includes guidance and instruction. This aftercare could be a long-term commitment in certain cases. These services are provided at no cost. We only ask that the client have an open mind, the discipline to follow our recommendations and to remain positive, which is imperative in order to resolve their problem.

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